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Digital bootcamp

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Course Dates

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Course Date Course Title Course Location Status
Fri May 1, 2020 Digital bootcamp | 1-5 of May 2020 (4 or 5 days Course) Registration Form
Constanta, Romania
Pending Confirmation
Fri Jun 5, 2020 Digital bootcamp | 5-9 of June 2020 (4 or 5 days Course) Registration Form
Constanta, Romania
Pending Confirmation
Fri Jul 3, 2020 Digital bootcamp | 3-7 of July 2020 (4 or 5 days Course) Registration Form
Constanta, Romania
Pending Confirmation

Dates and location are subject to change.

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Course Description

The digital skills are important for each of us. This course is designed to introduce participants to what can be accomplished using a computer. This is done by using popular software application programs such as web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, database or email program in a diverse and multinational environment. It is this environment that facilitates quick and deep learning in English language.

Boot camp programs are an effective way to teach small groups to acquire skills in new technologies in a short period of time. During the bootcamp, participants will carry out typical tasks found in a real business setting. Peer learning will also be encouraged, along with the use of internet for finding relevant information, communicating and sharing information with others.

The intent of this course is to introduce computer knowledge and skill sets that a participant can acquire and then apply these in a collaborative way using a computing device.

This course is offered with the collaboration between EAEC and Association TEAM 4 Excellence

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of this module, trainees are expected to:

  • Know the fundamental of computing
  • Be able to use key applications effectively
  • Understand the opportunities and threats of the online
  • Be able to communicate online using digital tools

Target Audience

  • Teachers and trainers in pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, life-long adult learning, special needs
  • Higher education academic staff
  • Non-teaching administrative staff
  • Adult Education trainers
  • Members of trainees/teachers councils in adult education
  • Inspectors
  • Head-teachers/ principals/ managers of schools/ universities/ organizations offering adult education
  • University trainees
  • Higher education alumni
  • Career officers, educational guides and counselors
  • Career Counsellors at HE institutions
  • Municipality officers
  • Industry/Business people
  • Management staff in the institution/organization
  • Associations, Foundations and NGO participants

Course Highlights

Before applying under Key Action 1, schools and adult education organisations must develop a European Development Plan. This plan is part of the application form. It outlines the needs of the institution/organisation in terms of quality development and internationalisation, and how their planned European activities will meet those needs.

The purpose of the European Development Plan is to ensure that the planned activities are relevant both for the individual participants and for the organisation as a whole, as activities have a higher impact on the quality of teaching and learning when they are well-integrated in the organisation's strategic development.

Use the below Course Highlights to build your European Development Plan for this course:

  • Learning computing fundamentals and key applications
  • Improving digital skills of teachers and learners
  • Promote multiculturalism
  • Foster communication in a multinational environment
  • Learning how to live a professional and personal online life
  • Active learning
  • Improvement of English Language

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